Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Round of F- You's

So yesterday, for whatever reason, both parking decks at my train station were totally full.
In this case, there's an overflow lot that they direct people to.
That was full.

When that happens, they start valet-parking people at the top of the deck.
Apparently that was full too.

So, like I've had to do only 1 other time, I parked about a half-mile away in an old, closed-down TJ Maxx parking lot that was totally empty. Did I say totally? I mean totally. This is a pretty big parking lot and it was just my single, lonely little car all by itself over in the corner, not hurting anyone.

Later that night, I got off the train and had to walk in the bitter cold back to the parking lot where I found an empty spot where my car was.

After another few cold minutes of walking to the Burger King to wait for a ride, I called the Police who confirmed it had been towed. Even more convenient - the towing company was closed.

Just awesome.

So this morning I had to take a damn taxi over to Perth Amboy where I paid these bastards $226 to get my car back. What a ripoff!!!
Apparently it was because it had been there for 2 days AND because they had to use the flatbed to tow it.

Hence, my first F-YOU of the day goes to that scum of a towing company for charging so damn much for no good reason. They also don't take credit/debit or checks, which shows you what a reputable company they are. Anyone who only takes cash is usually doing something shady.
Anyone else agree??

The 2nd F-YOU of the day goes to the punkass douchebag who actually called to have me towed. Assuming it was the actual owner of the property, here's what I have to say to them:


"That stupid store closed years ago and the buildings have been abandoned ever since!
Do you seriously drive by all the time looking for people's cars to fuck with? My car wasn't there for days - only a few hours. It wasn't blocking anything or anyone, wasn't an eyesore or impeding on any construction or anything."

My guess???
The owner has some shady deal going with the towing company and gets a cut of the towing cost.
Why else would 1 lonely car get towed off of a huge abandoned parking lot that is never used?

The 3rd and final F-YOU of the day goes to Comcast. I like to call them Comcrap.
My opinion of them had improved since I originally got their HD service with OnDemand, but their stock with me took a nosedive yesterday when I got a notice in the mail letting me know that for some reason, I was supposed to be getting charged for the DVR in my HD converter for the past several months but was for some reason not, and that they would start charging me the extra $13/month. Nice.

Thanks, Shmucks!!

So as not to end on a negative note (I am a very positive person, you know)
Check out this story about the Florida Marlins' new fat-man cheerleading squad called The Manatees.


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benny t said...

the parking thing is complete bs... is there some sort of plan you could devise to get payback? Seems like with a little energy you could somehow make those SOB's pay