Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fashion, Fruitcakes and Fishing

If you're reading this and are one of those people who reads........or worse - actually BUYS - The Star or Sun any of those tacky tabloid magazines, then I hate you.

You're dumb.

OK ok ok.................. you're not dumb if you read it while waiting in line or on the toilet, etc, but if you buy that shit, if you actually spend money you own on those magazines, then

They always have petty, dumb tabloidal (just made that word up) CRAP about stupid people.
By stupid people I mean Paris, Brittany, Lindsey, etc....

BUT............... although those 3 may be stupid and addicted to something or other, Lindsey did just do a pretty damn sexy photo shoot for New York Magazine ala Marilyn Monroe in "The Last Sitting." Lindsey looks good here. Still probably dazed and on 23451 medications, but good.

Anywayz- to the gayz.

I'm always baffled by how righteous some people think themselves to be sometimes.
Does anyone really KNOW God enough to say that he's responsible for certain things?
Or worse yet, to know that God would do something spiteful to a group of people or a country?
Some guy in Israel thinks God is causing earthquakes there because he's mad that they're being so nice to Gays. !!!

I'm so jealous of this guy. He obviously has a very intimate knowledge of The Almighty and all his plans and intentions for this world - one that peons like myself could never have.
Dang.......he's pretty damn pious.

What an idiot.......

"Hey B, whats that trout countdown thingy over on the right side of your blog?"

Well, ficticiously interested blog-reader, I'm glad you asked....

That, my friend, is my countdown to opening day for the trout fishing season in New Jersey.
Probably uninteresting fact about me ----> I love to fish!!

I'm a nature-lover and outdoorsy type and love to go fishing all the time.
Trout are all over the place in NJ and the state stocks dozens of bodies of water annually.
Trout fishing is not only a lot of fun, but those are some really tasty fish, at least how I cook 'em.

I'll go into detail at some later time about all the fish I go for and how to catch them, etc., but if anyone is interested in some trout fishing on April 5, give a brotha a holla!

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Joe said...

Although I've already seen those photo's, you should put nsfw next to those kinds of links. not everyone has the same laxed atmosphere as you do @ work.