Monday, April 20, 2009

Warmth of the Heart

Sunlight is more of a savior than many realize.

It's nature's catalyst for rebirth and growth, and helps to rejuvenate the minds of men that have stood cold and stale during the bitter months of Winter.

It enlivens emotion and ambition, and gives optimism to weary thoughts that have stayed dormant for far too long.

At last...................Spring is here!!!
Welcome again to baseball, fishing, hiking, lounging, running and camping!

And maybe.......more writings also......


It's only the music,
persistent beats
lifestyle sounds,
rhythms and
outlines of other lives,
profiles of vagrant minds,
giving emotion
to the constant pulsing.
It's only imagination
giving life
and moving time,
bouncing beats
across the mind.
It's only rhythm
wandering my eyes
and enticing the sights,
conjuring thoughts
of forgotten nights.
It's only the music
that makes it right.
It's only the music
that gives me life.