Saturday, November 21, 2015

Special Moments

Being a father has brought with it numerous special moments.
I started a list to keep track of them before my son was even born. Not that I need a list, but rather I want one, so at some point later I can be reminded of all these special times that meant to much to me as a man and as a father. 

One in particular happened a few weeks ago.

I realized that he now understood bedtime. 
When we mention it his demeanor instantly changes. He becomes quiet and calm, and just knows. 
One night he and I were in his room and I asked him which book he wanted to read. After looking around the room for a few seconds he pointed to his '100 Words' book on the dresser.  I handed it to him and he took it with his left hand. Then, with his right hand, he reached out and made a grabby gesture to me. I gave him my hand and he took it, and walked me to the rocking chair, directing me where to sit.  I sat down, he gave me the book and then climbed up onto my lap, as if saying, "I love you, Daddy, and this is our routine."