Friday, February 8, 2008

So hows abouts we break this shit in????

What up my peoples...

So lets be honest................ if you're actually reading this, you're one of the few people that I'm acquainted with that give slightly more than a rat's ass about the crap that goes on in my life or mind.
For that - I'm grateful; and I thank you.

"Why the blog, B??"
Well, in case it wasn't already obvious, Myspace is now officially dead.
I've blogged on there several times, but I'm tired of that stupid site.
Facebook?? Now that shit is just a pain in the ass. I can't believe people actually like that pathetically-designed clusterfuck of a social site. I think it was created by a bunch of people with ADHD. Not only that, but plenty of decent, non attention-hungry people never even signed up for either of those sites ( for that, I admire you), so blogspot is viewable to everyone, without a registration or requirement to make Tom your buddy or have to POKE someone with a stupid random object.........(if you don't get the jokes, again, I admire you).

"So what're you going to write about, B??"
Anything and everything I feel like sharing.
This isn't a diary. I know this crap is public, so obviously I'm not going to pour my heart out and share ALL the details of my private life.
(For those that are now disappointed and ready to change the channel, notice my bold and italicized "all".................if you're smart, you know that means there's some exceptions) ;-)

OK well I didn't want to make the first post ridiculously long, so I'll just finish it with an awesome short movie that I just came across. Its only 8 minutes long but has won several awards.
Short and sweet..........

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pat said...

thats an awesome vid.