Monday, March 3, 2008

Its B Day!

Well Saturday was anyway.

Another year older..........
Another year wiser..........
oh yes, another year SEXIER!!!!

But seriously, I think once you pass 25, you just feel like you want to stop counting already. You can already buy cigarettes, watch an R-rated movie, go to a strip club and drink, so what else is there to look forward to?

I don't want to be called "Sir" or asked when I'm planning on getting married, etc. because I'm getting closer to the dreaded 3-0.

I'm in the middle range right now.

Its kind of like when you were younger and went on a trip or vacation and you got to the middle day. Its not the first day there where everything is new and exciting. Instead, its like the 2nd or 3rd day where you're still having fun but you already know you're way around.
I mean its still exciting and fun, but you've already been there for a while and its not NEW.
Don't get me wrong, its not as bad as the last day when you're sad that you're leaving, but its more like a realization that the future is in the back of your mind nagging at you juuuuuuust a li'l bit.

BUT..........................I say screw it and have fun while you can!!

Its just a number, after all.
Your spirit and health are what matter more, and because of that, I'm as young as I've ever been.

I should still make an appointment with a doctor to get a checkup, though.............

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