Thursday, March 13, 2008

Trout Fishing

A lot of you (........there I go again assuming people actually read this) probably don't even have any clue as to what a trout actually looks like.

Well.................................TOO BAD FOR YOU!

I'm not here to school you, so go edumacate yourself!

BUT............ I AM a helpful guy by nature, so I'll direct you to a starting point: NJ Dep of Fish & Wildlife

The big date is Saturday, April 5th. (hence the snazzy li'l countdown up there on the right)

Anyway, the official state stocking info was released today.
That means you can see when, where and how many trout will be stocked in bodies of water throughout the state.

More exciting -- they stock a limited number of broodstock trout at a handful of places state-wide.

Now, whats a broodstock trout you ask yourself, non-existent reader??
Well, its an older, bigger trout that the hatchery had used as a breeder.

In other words -- the suckers that you really want to catch!

Conveniently, 1 of the only 9 places selected for broodstock stocking this year just happens to be only about 4 miles away from me. If you can figure out where that is and feel like meeting up, come on down.

So essentially, yes, I'm throwing out the invitation to stalk me.

Get it while its good!!

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