Monday, May 19, 2008

The All-Sport Special!!

Today you are fortunate (or bored) enough to get to read my SPORTS blog!!


First, let us discuss this story about secret, underground women's basketball leagues in Saudi Arabia.

This is GREAT!
I love a heart-warming story about oppressed people rising up to go after the freedoms they know they deserve. OK.................well they don't exactly have freedom to play, but they do anyway!!......and thats AWESOME!!


But there's not only CRaZy stuff goin on in Saudi Arabia, but also in Canada!
Did you know that they play FOOTBALL in Canada???
They do!!

And I don't mean "football" like the incredibly-dumb-and-non-American way of referring to Soccer like 95% of the rest of the free world does, but I mean AMERICAN FOOTBALL....
......and by "American" I mean US Football....(cuz Canada is part of North America, but Canada isn't it??)

Who woulda thunk its warm enough to raise pigs to get their skin and make footballs up in Canada, eh?? Certainly not I!

I love Get Fuzzy.
Its one of the best comic strips out there, no doubt.

So to end this pseudo-comedic sports blog, lets scramble on over to MMA.
.....and no, I'm not stuttering while trying to talk about my Mom, I mean MMA as in Mixed Martial Arts.

Its a great sport........soon to take over boxing.
Fighters just don't box, they also wrestle and grapple as well as kick-box.
Its sooo much more exciting than boxing alone........

........ESPECIALLY when you get the rare chance to see a DOUBLE KNOCKOUT!!!!

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