Tuesday, May 13, 2008


If you know me, you know I try to lead a pretty healthy lifestyle.

I'm always conscious of what I eat and try to eat as healthy as reasonably possible.

I take off the skin, I blot my pizza, I trim the fat.
I don't add butter, or salt, I never eat french fries, I rarely eat sweets or candy, I almost never drink soda or even most juices and I drink about a gallon of water and/or tea a day.
I always eat my veggies and try to eat a lot of quality protein while also limiting my simple carbs and trying to eat more complex carbs and fiber.

I also try to work out no less than 4 times a week, if possible.

I take a variety of weight-lifting supplements, but always include a quality multi-vitamin and some Omega-3 fish oil as well as green tea.

I think I've made my point................

Anyway, I'm an avid reader of MensHealth.com and love the wealth of information and advice they have on their website. I'm always finding a new exercise to try in the gym or a recipe to try in the kitchen.

Today, I'm sharing with you a great interview with Matthew McConuaghy.
He's the relatively well-known actor who is also greatly into fitness.
His outlook towards life and being happy and healthy reveal a great amount of positive enthusiasm that I think a lot of people could learn from. His life lessons are full of great advice that can be applied to not only working out, but also to work and almost any other task you come up against, so check it out.

And of course, in my original style, I gotta finish with the funny.
Well.............at least I think its funny.........

Cats On A Treadmill

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