Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baseball as Life............Learn to Play

I'm a pretty big sports fan.

Mostly of baseball and football, but I appreciate and like participating in a variety of sports. I'm a pretty good bowler, I love playing volleyball, the NBA playoffs are fun to watch, as is a good hockey game. Does darts count, too???? How about competitive eating????

Anyway, people know me best as a really big NY Yankees fan.
The Yankees are the one sports team that I follow with the most dedication and loyalty.

But while its obvious I'm a huge Yanks fan, above that, I'm a huge BASEBALL fan.
I just love the sport -- playing it, watching it, discussing it, analyzing it, etc.

I may love the Yanks, but I'd love to watch any baseball game played at any level.
EVEN at Fenway!! Seriously!!!

Baseball has been such a big part of me since I was young (thanks, Dad).
The lessons learned and emotions felt by being a part of baseball team run the gamut of human experience -- making baseball, at least to me, a complete microcosm of life itself.

I'll make a confession that some people may already know: I love baseball movies.
Well...........not ALL baseball movies (ie Angels in the Outfield) but decent baseball movies.
Field of Dreams, Eight Men Out, The Rookie, The Natural..........
.....these are all considered classics to me, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't get teary-eyed at some point in most of those movies.....
Also, Baseball by Ken Burns was simply a m a z i n g.

Anyway, today I read a story about a college softball game that serves as a good example of sports relating to the human spirit.
Its not about to be turned into a Hollywood movie anytime soon, but still, a heart-warming story (at least to me). So check it out.....

.............and of course, can't complete a quality blog without some humor, right???

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