Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Get in my Belly, Trout!

For anyone that actually followed my little countdown, trout season officially opened this past Saturday and of course, I was out there for the first cast of the season at 8am sharp.

I should've been a little more prepared as a somewhat-experienced fisherman.
I had, of course, respooled all my reels with fresh, new line, but I didn't check the drag.
That came back to bite me in the ass when an hour into my fishing I hooked a large trout and started reeling that sucker in.
The drag was too loose and he kept pulling line out, so I paused for a second to tighten the drag and that sucker got off the hook.

DAMMIT!!! Not another year in a row!!!

(For those who read my Myspace blog, you'll see I made a similar yet even dumber mistake last year that cost me a big trout also)

But of course, I let out a few foul words and fumed for a few minutes, but kept right on fishing, and soon enough, my first trout of 2008 took the lure and success was mine!!

There he all his glory............on my cutting board before I deliciously prepared and devoured him. Hmmmmmm.........
For those not privy to the different species of trout, this is a Lake Trout.

Anyway, I'm excited that the weather is FINALLY getting nicer and I can get out and fish more.

This may be incredibly dorky, but I made a list of all the different types of fish I want to catch this year.

Lake Trout?

But theres about 10 more, so I'm just getting started.....

So anyone want to come fishing with me????
Its an open invitation!!

In the meantime, enjoy this awesome still shot of me doing Stevie Wonder's "Overjoyed" at this rockin karaoke joint:

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