Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kudos To Honda

I drive a Honda Civic.

Not exactly a chick-magnet or something that will turn heads when I rev the gas at a stop light, but, I'm a fan of Hondas.

This is my 2nd Civic and a lot of my family and friends drive Hondas as well.
They're safe, they're reliable and resale value is fantastic.

Those reasons alone had gotten me to have a lot of respect for the company, but now I have another huge one:

Honda just rolled out their new zero-emission hydrogen car.
It runs on hydrogen and electricity and emits nothing but pure, clean H2O.

Now it seems like you always hear about car companies with hydrogen-powered cars, but Honda has officially put them into production -- with a few dozen given to people in California to test drive for a while.

I'm not trying to sound like a commercial for the company, but I'm once again very impressed by their initiative and it just makes me a bigger fan since I'm kinda into saving the environment.

I personally recycle all the paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and aluminum that I can.
I even recycle my plastic bags, and I've already replaced several of my standard lightbulbs with CFLs. I keep my AC temp a little higher, and my heat temp a little lower. I shut off lights and appliances when they're not being used, and I take mass transportation.

OK OK I know I've made my point.....................I'm no hippie, but c'mon -- we only have 1 world and we've been fucking it up for so long now that we have to start changing our ways, and thanks to Honda, there's now a realistic way to make driving a lot less of a pollutant than it currently is.

Good job, Mr. Honda!!

.....and now.........some humor....

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