Thursday, February 3, 2011

And Now, I Live

Like a feather in the wind,
riding on the breeze,
I've lived aloft
up in the air
floating wherever fate may please.

And like the water in the curb,
trickling down the hill,
I've flowed through life
with fleeting days and nights
drifting alongside free will.

And like the train upon the tracks,
coasting down the rails,
I could only sit and ride
watching time fly by
never feeling the wind in my own sails.

But now the sun has risen,
now I look to the sky,
not flowing through life
now life flows through me
as I kiss the mundane goodbye.

My days, now steps, to unknown success,
be it spirit or love or fame.
With vigor I wake
each morning then take
a deep breath as I embark on my day.

I shall follow my will and pursue my dreams,
while exploring the path my heart leads.
And while I know not my fate,
my journey no abate,
as I know I can only succeed.

-BS, 10/10

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