Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Sun and I

The sun rose again this morning,
illuminating a clear sky,
slowly lighting the horizon
and gently warming my mind.
And as the day was born,
I looked into my heart,
to discover once again
what just the night before,
had slowly ripped it apart.
The familiar sting
of a love long lost
and vivid memories of heartache.
A painful nostalgia
of a future that never was,
and a nightmare from which I couldn't wake.
Bitter memories of regret
and bad decisions made
that haunted my thoughts yet still,
a loving man's disdain,
for failing his lonely heart
and blaming fate for the pain he now feels.
But with the birth of dawn
comes a chance to live anew,
and like the sun rose again this morning
it will rise tomorrow too.
But as the newly glowing sky
helps my battered heart revive,
along with the sun as it rises this morning,
so, dear love, do I.

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