Thursday, October 27, 2011

By The Hand

Just kinda.......walking slow
hunched over
shoulders slumped
not sure
of whats to come.
Like a little kid
at times,
feeling almost naked
in a world of formal minds.
Like everyone's watching
with critical eyes,
as I succumb to the pressure
and step up to the side,
step right up to the edge
where there's no where to hide.
Too much pressure
just building inside,
now nervously shaking,
taking a peek
at what lies below
and what lies ahead.
overwhelmed by the outcomes
of past decisions I dread.
I need some support
but the ground only trembles
and bends,
up and down,
as I struggle to balance,
looking around,
for someone
to take me by the hand,
and show me the way,
where to go,
what to do,
but mostly,
for someone
to just take me by the hand.

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