Friday, April 2, 2010

Untold Story

(Wrote this a few years back. Thought maybe I'd share it)

Excited to be invited

to a magical place,
I wander with curiosity
from space to space,
from room to room
in a well-known house
that I've never seen
yet have been to before.
Although it's not real
I'm compelled to explore,
taking my time,
walking slowly throughout,
my joy slowly fades
as I see through the haze,
clouding my eyes and
blurring my mind,
that today in this house
there's something amiss,
making me nervous
to be discovering this.
The hallways are silent,
each room left empty,
as I peek through the doorways
endlessly searching
for answers to questions
that now have me confused and
bringing me sadness;
no longer amused.
I step into the kitchen
lights - a cool white;
sensing the happiness that
lived here before.
To the back,
by the door,
there's a pair of nice shoes that
were worn with devotion
but shall never again
be used with emotion
and will sadly remain,
from what I can see,
fossils of joy
from a now dead dream.
Overshadowed by pictures on the
now barren walls,
more discoveries of what was
a home, but no longer.
My attention now shifts
to a mother, a father,
with children around
that I wish could still be -
for one moment more -
alive, and not driven
off in the distance
now saying goodbye.
I refuse to wave
as I watch them go on
into the sky
with nothing but dreams,
all left behind.
And is if from a dream,
I awaken from sleep,
with one lonely tear
alive on my cheek.
My eyes closed in sorrow,
as the sadder I grow,
knowing here died a story
the world will never know.
A tale so sad,
so hard to remember.
In a dream it will stay,
untold forever.

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