Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Boring Updates

They're updates.........

.....but they're boring.

So yes, that's what they are.

Hey!! This is a BLOG, ok?!??? Aren't I supposed to act like people actually read it and care even a slight little bit about what I'm up to????

(yeah..........you're probably right, but oh well.....)

Where to begin with the boredom????

Congrats to P for getting engaged! (A is a pretty cool chick!)

Good luck to TriniCandy for starting her own blog finally.
(She needed SOME kind of outlet to vent her frustrations besides writing morbid stories and trying to come up with ideas for new sex toys.............)

Day is starting school again on Tuesday and is NOT looking forward to her Summer ending.
But I have no sympathy for teachers. Nobody with Summers off should be complaining!!!

The Rutgers football season officially opens on Monday with their first game against Fresno State! I dished out enough moolah for 2 season tix, so you KNOW I will be there.
What should I bring to the tailgate?? Hmm.....I'm thinking maybe a shrimp ring and some 40's will suffice.......

Week #2 of my boss being gone on vacation and me having to run the whole Ops department.
Its nice to have the whole office to myself, but my workload is noticeably increased.
Though, I'm still rarely very busy.

I'm in the midst of two fantasy football drafts tonight.

I'm taking my Mom to a jazz and wine festival this weekend.
She loves jazz, and wine-tastings are always nice, so it should be fun.

So this guy who wrote "100 Things To Do Before You Die" .............died.
What humor in the irony.........

Why would a 9-yr old kid get kicked out of a Little League??
Because he's too good!

OK......so on a more personal and introspective note, I've recently developed the urge to start writing again.

I'm not sure why, exactly.
Perhaps its the melancholy of Summer coming to an end,
or maybe its the creativity I've kept dormant for the past few years.

Whatever it is, I've decided to dust off the old works and open up my treasured leather-bound journal to explore my mind again.

I wonder what will come out....................

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